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  Posté le dimanche 12 dcembre 2010 @ 18:00:04 by anarkorevolter
Contributed by: anarkorevolter

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All I want for Christmas is an indefinite European General Strike!

Seven general strikes in Greece in a single year; the biggest student movement Italy has seen in years and by far the largest one in the UK for the last decade at least; riots raging through France; thousands taking to the streets of Dublin, of Lisbon and most European capitals…

Consent is over. There is little of a Christmas spirit in the air this year, more of a spirit of rage and dissent. On December 15th, mainstream trade unions across Europe are calling for a day of action against austerity. A day of action is a start, but it’s not enough. Austerity and the crisis are cutting through all aspects of our everyday existence and our reaction should be as widespread, and as wild.

We need an indefinite European General Strike.
Let’s take back our lives!

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